Welcome to Prashadh

We upcycle floral waste to eco-friendly goods while creating employment for women groups.

We Empower Women

While we create great incense, we train and employ women for our business.

Welcome to Prashadh


At Prashadh we believe it is the reincarnation of offered flowers in the form of Incense sticks, where flowers that are used to worship deities in holy sites are collected and processed to generate new eco friendly floral incense. Being different in nature and composition of floral waste it requires special mechanism for better treatment of such waste with belief and faith attached on even discarded materials coming from religious sites. Prashadh initiative collects floral waste and following various procedures develops incense sticks with health benefits.

How Prashadh incense is different from others?

Organic Ingredients

Charcoal Free

Non-toxic Smoke


What People are Saying

“The Concept of Prashadh is environment friendly.”

Samir Maharjan

“I really loved their (Prashadh’s) concept. Good job Guys “

Barsha Nakarmi

“It is literally wow thing, Congratulations team Prashadh!”

Sabita Aryal

“I don’t know how but Prashadh dhoop gives me a really great vibration.”

Rama Singh

“I love the way Prashadh is empowering women while doing such a good business.”

Sanam Bishwakarma

“Finally……. An organic incense at a price we can afford.”

Sunita Rai

“We use Prashadh incense as our regular incense for daily prayer.”

Krishna Man Tuladhar

“Such a unique flavor. Smells good. Feels good. I just love Prashad’s incense.”

Sonali Chitrakar

New Fragments

New fragmented incense  with the recycled flowers